MMA in Jacksonville

MMA in Jacksonville Florida

First popularized by the UFC organization and fighters like Royce Gracie and Vanderlei Silva, MMA has taken off and has established itself as the premiere fight sport of the new millennium. Mixed martial arts combines the techniques, styles and forms of all other martial arts to produce a system of fighting that is greater than its parts. Assimilating Muay Thai kickboxing, Brazilian jujitsu, Judo, Greco-roman wrestling, karate and tae kwon do, MMA takes only what is useful and practical, and forms a truly complete style of hand-to-hand combat. Whether you are training to fight in the ring or cage, or whether you're just wanting to get in shape without resorting to boring old gym routines, now is the time to find an MMA gym in Jacksonville, Florida to help you on your way to achieving athletic excellence, fitness and self-defense.

Jujitsu in Jacksonville Florida

Know how to fight on the ground. Grappling is an essential part of the MMA fight game that every practitioner must be proficient at. Getting familiar with Brazilian jujitsu involves training with certified black belt instructors in a spacious and clean training environment. Find a gym to learn jujitsu in Jacksonville. Learn neck chokes, arm locks and other joint manipulating moves that can tap-out an opponent and end a fight in an instant! Learn proper body positioning on the ground to maximize leverage and turn the tables on a larger or more powerful opponent. Brazilian jujitsu was brought to North America by the Gracie family. Learn the art from a certified teacher. Studying jujitsu will help you obtain the complete skill set needed to become a master of mixed martial arts.

Muay Thai in Jacksonville Florida

Kickboxing, and in particular Muay Thai, is an effective style of fighting that must be studied by serious mixed martial arts practitioners. Muay Thai uses brutal knee and elbow strikes in addition to roundhouse kicks and boxing style punches to form an ancient style of fighting that is designed to delivery fight-ending blows to an opponent. There are many kickboxing gyms in the Jacksonville area, so make sure to find a training center that has a stable of fighters that you can spar with. If you are interested in only the fitness aspect of the sport, these gyms usually feature recreation kickboxing classes that will ensure a great workout without getting hurt. Indeed, Muay Thai provides outstanding cardio benefits in addition to improving a fighter's flexibility, balance and rhythm.

Greco-roman Wrestling, Judo, Karate and Other Martial Arts in Jacksonville

Other sports and martial arts besides jujitsu and kickboxing can be useful to the mixed martial arts practitioner. Greco-roman wrestling is widely practiced throughout the MMA community for its superior takedown and ground control techniques. Judo is becoming more and more popular among MMA fighters as another method of takedown that is best used in the clinch position. Karate and tae kwon do add strikes, like spin and side kicks that are not commonly seen in the MMA cage, and thus harder to defend against. Find other martial arts gyms and dojos in the Jacksonville Florida area that can deepen your MMA toolbox of skills.

MMA Clothing, Gloves and Gear in Jacksonville Florida

Official clothing manufacturers and sponsors of MMA events like Sprawl, Warrior Wear, Venom MMA and Affliction produce stylish T-shirts, hoodies and other clothing items that have become hot commodities among the MMA community and fans. Shop in the Jacksonville area, or online, for MMA gear such as jocks, mouth guards and MMA gloves. Top brands like Isami, Ouano, Hayabusa, WAND and Ringside make great quality equipment that is sure to stand up to your tough training routines.